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Compliance & InfoSec Professionals

AuditBoard Staff
AuditBoard Staff

If you're a Compliance or InfoSec professional that's just starting to build your Compliance program or looking to enhance your current program, we recommend joining this group to connect with other AuditBoard peers in your industry. You can ask each other questions while sharing practical recommendations and industry best practices. To start the conversation, we created a CrossComply QuickStart Guide - Building Your Compliance Program in AuditBoard - download the resource below and let us know what you think! We also recommend reviewing the following whitepapers, which can be downloaded from the AuditBoard site:


  1. COSO vs COBIT: Framework Basics, Differences, and Examples
  2. What is ISMS? Advancing Security from Certification to Implementation
  3. Achieving Continuous Compliance and IT Control Automation

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