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Community Manager
Community Manager

Creating your community account is as easy as logging in for the first time!


1.) Simply click the blue icon in the top right corner of the header navigation. It looks like this:




2a.) If you do not use SSO enter your AuditBoard login details. If this does not return you to the community after logging in you can click on the question mark in the lower left hand corner of your app and select community.


2b.) If you DO use SSO enter your company AuditBoard domain name on the next screen.


It looks like this:


SSO sign in.png


2b.) After entering your instance name you will be prompted to login via your company SSO.


3.) After logging in, you will be automatically redirected to the community where you will choose a community username. We value your privacy so you are encouraged to use a pseudonym.




Selecting your community username is the last step to creating your account!


Note - If using SSO you will now be able to, on return visits, simply click the "login with SSO" button to access your community account.


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